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[Crunch] Our First C-Seed Rollup

It took me all afternoon to do, but here is Dominy Rawlins' sheet (corrected sheet re-uploaded).

I agree with Mako's assessment on the sample Natures; I basically stole one from Scion.

Stats & Abilities

All quite simple. I had some trouble figuring out the Specialties, but that was a matter of twisting the words around to fit what I had in mind. For example, Dominy was originally a yardman, so he spent a lot of time lifting and carrying heavy objects, which is why he has a Specialty in Athletics--he knows how to make the most out of his strength with the least amount of effort. But I wasn't sure how to translate that into an actual Specialty. eighteenwindows helped me out, there, with suggesting Feats of Strength (and also Hiding in Shadows for Stealth, which I tweaked into Hiding in Plain Sight). As far as denoting where the Specialties went, I did what makoknight did, i.e. made a little note next to thing as to what the Specialty was (Melee: Clubs (really any long, heavy, non-finesse weapon; you don't exactly take classes on how to wale on someone with a baseball bat vs. a steel pipe), Athletic: Feats of Strength, Stealth: Hiding in Plain Sight (i.e. being so still and unobtrusive that you don't realize they're there even when you're standing right next to them)).


Pretty simple. Something I noticed as I was rolling it up, though, and I mentioned to eighteenwindows, who was with me pretty much the whole way through: there are seven Backgrounds and seven dots to spread among them. If you were a C-Seed, since one of the Backgrounds is C-Seed-only, you could potentially have a dot in every single one. However, I also observed that this would be rather stupid, since if you have meager foraging skills and a little hole in the ground for a base, you're going to be hard-pressed to support an ally, five followers, and a sympathetic beast.


No remarks, it was fairly simple. I had to get a second opinion to see if what I had was enough, or if it was too little--I actually considered adding that Dominy also has to kill whomever it is he stalks, but I decided against it, because eventually you're going to run out of NPCs to kill.

Reflections and Throwbacks

The Reflections weren't so bad, though I had trouble figuring out how the distortions were supposed to figure in. When I understood that they aren't separate dots that have a lowered cost (as previous explanations gave me the impression--I may just not have read closely enough, though), but just a cost subtraction from the overall Reflection, it got easier. My problem here, I think, is that I kept trying to do things bit by bit rather than looking it as a part of a bigger equation. This may just be because I'm awful at crunchy bits.

The Throwbacks were harder, and I agree with makoknight re: the lack of structure these have. We're resolved it somewhat now, though, but I definitely think it's something that should be more clearly defined re: how many dots you need to pour into them.
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