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[Crunch] A Rollup So Far

So, at the request of our dark masters, I have attempted to roll up a Seed, and record my notes on the matter. This is as far as I got, so, I feel I shall provide what I have and hope we can use this to flesh some stuff out.

The Character Sheet - Svetlana Mikhaylov, the Firebird

Alright, starting off, things were simple enough, but there are a few niggling bits.

Character Sheet still has readability issues: We really need to fade the background image ALOT more.

So, first steps, bam, easy. One thing? We will want some example Natures.


Dead simple. Nothing to worry about there.


Easy enough, will want descriptions later.

However, firstly, are we limiting to a cap of three dots with ability points, and then the rest with bonus points?

Secondly, Specialties: How exactly do they work, what are some examples, where do we put them? I wrote Svetlana's in there next to the skills, I don't know if this is right: Technology: Medical, Marksmanship: Rifle, Craft: Sewing.


Again, pretty simples, Genius Loci is explained in comments on the Backgrounds post, and was talked about on MUSH. However, something I want to mention: Three dot cap without BP or not? I THINK, however, we will want a space, possibly on a two page character sheet, to explain the benefits of your backgrounds.


I THINK it's fairly simple, but it could be easy to screw yourself, or hard to think of some.

Reflections and Throwbacks

This is basically where it comes grinding to a halt: We still don't have points for throwbacks, and how we assign them properly explained. Are there benefits to making your initial throwbacks the big bad multipointers? Or do they have to match your reflections? This could absolutely kill characters. How many points do we have for these?

Bonus Points


I hope these notes kind of help, as they were what I obvious. Like I said, I ground to a halt at reflections, so, yeah.

Also, for those interested, Svetlana's original character concept (under the name Yelena Maryushka) is here.
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