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[Crunch] Reflections

I was bored, too. Here are some sample Reflections for your perusal and review! Note the vocabulary terms 'Evocation' and 'Aspect'--Aspect Reflections are always on, whereas Evocation Reflections must be triggered with specific actions and/or expenditures of Memory.

Energy Manipulation - Evocation

(The Seed spends X Memory to have Y element deal Z damage to the target. Damage is likely Lethal, can be soaked by armor.)

Intangible Attack - Evocation

(The Seed spends X Memory and performs Y action. Targets of that action suffer Z damage, likely Lethal, that ignores all soak that's not Stamina-based. This would apply to creatures with stuff that would otherwise be insta-kill, such as Mandrakes, Basilisks, and Gorgons.)

Natural Toughness - Aspect

The Seed has some form of supernatural inurement to injury, be it toughened flesh, body armor, or enhanced healing. Add the Seed's Mythos rating to his Bashing and Lethal soak. In addition, the Seed can soak Lethal damage using Stamina alone.

Environmental Inurement - Aspect

The Seed is immune to certain types of environmental damage. A Salamander Seed may be utterly immune to fire and heatstroke, while a Mermaid Seed might inherit an immunity to drowning. The Seed chooses a single source of environmental damage when this Reflection is purchased. The character suffers no damage from that environmental hazard. This Reflection may be purchased multiple times, with each instance representing immunity to a single hazard.

Natural Regeneration - Evocation

The Seed possesses the ability to heal damage faster than an unseeded human being. The character may spend two Memory to heal all Bashing damage. Lethal damage may be healed by spending one Memory for each Lethal wound removed. Aggravated damage may not be healed using this Reflection.

Superior Multitasking

(The Seed suffers a reduced penalty when making multiple actions.)

Alluring Presence - Evocation

Something about the Seed literally charms others. The character may spend one Memory to add her Mythos to her Charisma and Manipulation scores for a single scene.

Bad Luck - Evocation

(The Seed spends X Memory to curse a target with bad luck, potentially inducing botches and doing other things that make die rolls more difficult.)

Good Luck - Evocation

(The opposite of Bad Luck. The Seed spends X memory to bless a target with good luck, potentially alleviating botches and bad rolls.)
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