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A Potential Solution for Throwbacks

Every Seed has Throwbacks--negative and/or strange aspects of the Seeding that become more and more pronounced as the Seed in question grows in power. Each Seed /must/ take one dot of Throwbacks upon character creation. A seed may suffer more dots of Throwback than mandated, but the player should generally only do this if they wish to burden their character. The Storyteller may choose to grant something in return, but is cautioned that this is not generally a good idea; trading Throwbacks for rewards is too easily abused. In addition, a character gains a dot of Throwbacks every time his Mythos is raised above 4.

For example, a 2-Mythos starting character is required to take one dot of Throwback. This existing Throwback remains as it is until the character reaches Mythos 5, whereupon he gains an additional dot of Throwback, for a total of two dots. At Mythos 6, he gains another total dot of Throwback on top of his base Throwbacks, for a total of three dots, and so on.

Throwback dots are calculated like Reflection dots--reference the table below, and add up the points until the total for the Throwback in question is reached.

Decreased Ability: +1 per 2 abilities decreased. This /can/ reduce a character's skill to a negative number, whereupon a penalty is incurred upon other penalties.

Dependency: +1 for Mild, +2 for Moderate, +3 for Severe

The character is dependent on a particular substance to function properly, or even survive. Mild Dependencies reflect a common substance, or weak withdrawal symptoms. Moderate Dependencies reflect an uncommon substance, or more severe withdrawal symptoms. Severe Dependencies reflect a rare substance, or very severe withdrawal symptoms.

Bound +1 for Mild, +2 for Moderate, +3 for Extreme

The character is bound to a specific location or object, and must either return to it regularly, or carry it along with them. A mild binding means the character is bonded to a small, portable object, has a fairly wide range, or only needs to return once every six weeks. A Moderate binding involves a heavier object, a more restrictive radius, or a need to return every three weeks. Extreme bindings involve an awkward object, a very tight radius, or a need to return once every few days.

Mental Change, +1 for Mild, +2 for Moderate, +3 for Severe

Mental Changes are changes in the character's mentality, alterations that make them more like their mythological counterpart and less like a human being. Obviously, Mental Changes to Corrupted Seeds go above and beyond the changes incurred by uncorrupted Seeds.

Obvious Weakness: +1

The character's weakness is obvious, either in a physical sense or a cultural one. For example, werewolves are widely known to be vulnerable to silver, while vampires are widely known to be vulnerable to sunlight.

Physical Change: +1 for Minor, +2 for Major, +3 for Extreme

The character's physical form is altered in some regard, adding characteristics of the Seed to the basic human shape.

Removes Basic Human Ability: +2

One of the character's basic senses or abilities is removed or profoundly altered in some way. For example, a Gorgon Seed might not be able to look others' in the eye without triggering a deadly gaze, while a Mandrake Seed might not be able to speak without invoking its devastating keen.

Substance Sensitivity: +1 for Mild, +2 for Moderate, +3 for Extreme

The character is vulnerable to a specific substance. At Mild level, the substance is rare, or the character's reaction to it is mild. At Moderate level, the substance is uncommon, or the character's reaction to it is more severe. At Severe level, the substance is common, or the character's reaction to it is severe.

Edit: Added explanatory text. Any recommendations for additions to/subtractions from the table are welcome!

Edit: Added Dependency Throwback, condensed text.
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